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Personal Relationships


Expand your business network and become more competitive so clients choose you over your competitors.


Deciding how to grow a business is complicated and risky with real money on the line.

Building a business is no small feat. From navigating market competition to establishing a strong local presence and building a reliable referral network, the challenges are many. We know the hurdles of feeling isolated in your efforts and the internal struggle of deciding where to invest your valuable time and resources.


Without a supportive network, businesses risk stagnation and loss of competitive edge. Don't let isolation limit your potential. Connect, engage, and grow with us.


Commerce Connections is your ally in this journey. Founded on mutual support and community principles, we are a collective of like-minded local business owners dedicated to fostering personal relationships and expanding professional networks. Our success stories speak volumes of the power of collaboration.


Joining Commerce Connections means access to a proven strategy for business growth through networking. Our events, workshops, and meetups are designed to connect you with fellow business owners, share knowledge, and create opportunities for collaboration and referrals.


Ready to make your business more competitive and visible in the marketplace? Join us at our next networking event or sign up to become a member of Commerce Connections today.


Picture your business thriving through strong, personal connections that open doors to new opportunities, clients, and markets. With Commerce Connections, this vision is not just a dream—it's your future.


Hear from our members who have seen their businesses flourish by tapping into the power of our community. Their stories are a testament to what we can achieve together.


What makes Commerce Connections unique is our commitment to making a positive difference, fostering a sense of community, and serving one another with intentionality, respect, and fairness. We're not just networking but building a community that pays it forward.


Our networking solutions are crafted with your business in mind, offering various platforms for engagement, learning, and growth. Whether you're looking for peer advice, client referrals, or partnership opportunities, we have you covered.


Take the leap and join Commerce Connections. Contact us to learn more about membership benefits, upcoming events, and how you can become part of a community that's all about growing together. Your journey to business growth and community involvement starts here.


Got questions? Commerce Connections is here to help. Learn more about the operation,  values in action, and how Commerce Connections can help your business grow through our FAQ section.





Step 1: Join Our Community

  • Sign Up: Begin by signing up to become a member of Commerce Connections. Our simple registration process ensures you're quickly integrated into our network.
  • Orientation: Attend an orientation session to understand how Commerce Connections works, learn about the benefits of membership, and discover how to make the most of your involvement.

Step 2: Engage and Connect

  • Attend Events: Participate in our networking events, workshops, and meetups. These gatherings are designed to foster relationships, offer mutual support, and share knowledge among local business owners.
  • Build Relationships: Actively engage with other members to build meaningful relationships. Share your business challenges and successes, and listen to theirs. Through mutual support, find opportunities for collaboration, referrals, and growth.

Step 3: Grow Your Business

  • Leverage Opportunities: Utilize the connections and insights gained through Commerce Connections to enhance your business. Whether it's through direct referrals, collaborative projects, or new strategies learned from peers, every interaction has the potential to contribute to your growth.
  • Contribute and Thrive: As you benefit from the community, contribute back. Offer your expertise, refer others, and support the community initiatives. The strength of Commerce Connections lies in the active participation and mutual support of its members, fostering a cycle of continuous growth and community benefit.

What is a meeting like?

  • Commerce Connections is a professional and friendly group that welcomes visitors and strengthens existing relationships. All meetings have an agenda, guest and member introductions, scheduled speakers, educational moments, and a review of the group's current KPIs, "VENATOR."

What are some other differences between this group and other networking groups?

  • Commerce Connections has combined the best features of various networking group styles to offer the best opportunity for growth through referrals. Commerce Connections engages in friendly "competition" and recognition within the group by tracking attendance, education, one-to-one meetings, referrals, and closed business. These stats are reviewed weekly so members can see how their efforts are generating sales, new business, and professional development. 
  • Members are encouraged to track and challenge themselves. Commerce Connections celebrates both a "Member of the Month" and a "Member of the Quarter" with different accolades. Moreover, Commerce Connections has an online system called the VENATOR (the acronym of the seven metrics, which also means "Hunter" in Latin), where members submit their achievements and thank other members for their referrals. This data is shared weekly and quarterly. Additionally, Commerce Connections fosters community involvement and creates active campaigns every quarter to help local charities.

How long are the meetings?

  • All meetings are for 90 minutes.

What is the meeting attire, and what should I bring?

  • Commerce Connections members typically wear business attire appropriate to their industry. Some will be in office attire, some in business casual clothing, and some will wear a company polo. Guests are welcome to bring business cards and other hand-out items to share. You may also want to have your calendar to schedule one-to-one meetings.

How much does it cost to join?

  • All guests can attend their first three meetings for FREE. After three consecutive visits, guests are invited to apply for membership to the group. The application fee is $100, and monthly dues are $40 (via automatic draft payments). Commerce Connections believes you'll continue to come if you find value; therefore, the group has no contracts or long-term commitments. You can leave the group and cancel your monthly payment anytime, provided a 30-day notice.

What if I can't make it to every weekly meeting?

  • Commerce Connections encourages members to attend every meeting. Regular attendance and growth have a strong relationship. However, Commerce Connections also understands the small business and respects that sometimes you're called to work, have a sick child, or need a day off. Thus, attendance is not mandatory. 
  • There are safeguards. Your seat will be in jeopardy after missing more than three weeks in a row without a valid reason.