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Dr. Annie Apatiga

Current Chiropractic

After joining Commerce Connections, I noticed that the more that I put in, the more I got back. The more effort I put into building professional relationships, the more referrals and inquiries I received. I have never felt pressured or scorned during times when I was unable to put in the effort I wanted due to personal or professional reasons. The members at Commerce Connections really value relationships, and this is what makes the group so amazing!

Kim Ruiz

Expressly Written

From the first meeting, everyone in the group made me feel welcome. I've attended many events where most people don't make an effort to notice you're the "new person" and help you feel welcome. Commerce Connections is different. At every meeting, there's an opportunity to hear about other people's businesses in both a short 45-second format and a 10-minute presentation each week from two people.

David Gonzalez

AcuSystem Home Inspections

After finding Commerce Connections, I can say I have found a group of trusted businesses I can recommend to my clients and know that the job, whatever it may be, will be completed beyond the customer's expectations. To add, I would recommend Commerce Connections to business owners. Networking is a large part of keeping a business successful. It will help you generate more work and revenue.

Happy Members = Happy Reviews

Thank you for choosing Commerce Connections to partner with you on your networking journey. Many of our members find us through online reviews, referrals, and word of mouth. We hope you'll take a minute to review the service you've received. 

Don't know what to write? We're really interested in the answers to these questions: 

  1. What was your challenge before Commerce Connections helped you, and how did you feel?
  2. How did Commerce Connections guide you to success?